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, Chapter 50 - The Popular Garrison Armor, Dark clouds hovered over the skies of Red Leaf Town, surrounding the full moon that hung in midair. On the streets, magic lamps brightly lit up the town., Shi Feng had just logged in., It was still nighttime in God’s Domain. A majority of the players were currently in the Trade Area, making the place very crowded. There were only a scant few experts who would hunt for monsters to level up at this time of day., During the daytime, the street of the Trade Area was desolate. However, that street had currently turned into a bazaar, bustling with noise and excitement. Players could be seen setting up stalls throughout the wide cobblestone street, and above their white sheets of cloth were some items required by Auxiliary Jobs and also a few pieces of Common Equipment. Buyers and sellers were bargaining with each other, and some faces eve turned crimson over one or two Coppers., , System: The Garrison Armor you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 5 Silvers 31 Coppers has been added to your inventory., System: The Garrison Armor you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 5 Silvers 67 Coppers has been added to your inventory., System: The Garrison Armor you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 5 Silvers 98 Coppers has been added to your inventory., ……, ……, Before Shi Feng had taken a step forward, a series of Auction House notifications from the System entered his ears. Shi Feng casually selected the System Notifications to appear, immediately becoming shocked., The Garrison Armor’s value had totally exceeded Shi Feng’s estimates. Originally, Shi Feng intended to have it sold for, more or less, 5 Silvers. In reality, however, due to the competition in price growing fiercer, the Garrison Armor reached a maximum price of 6 Silvers 42 Coppers. The eleven Garrison Armors sold for a total of over 67 Silver Coins. The amount immediately turned Shi Feng into the owner of a Gold Coin. He had become a Gold-a-naire., At the current phase of the game, the purchasing power of a single Silver Coin was astonishing. For a second-rate Guild, their circulating funds would only amount to sixty or seventy Silver Coins. To properly develop their normal members during the initial periods of the game, the Guilds were unable to stock up on too many Copper Coins. Such an action would only hamper the Guild’s future development. As for first-rate Guilds, their circulating funds might only be around one Gold Coin. However, these funds would seem insignificant when it was used on tens or hundreds of people. , Now, Shi Feng was a true tycoon., After a day of battle, a majority of the players were currently returning to Town with their spoils of war. These players carried a lot of materials on their persons, and naturally, Shi Feng would not let this chance get away. Shi Feng casually chose a location with few people, setting his white cloth on the ground and starting up his stall to purchase materials., The highest leveled player right now should be at Level 4, whereas the average player was still at Level 2 and expert players at Level 3. Hence, the materials they sold varied greatly; there were high ranking goods, and there were also common goods., The current prices for high ranking materials were very expensive, so Shi Feng would naturally not buy them. Shi Feng relied solely on himself to make the Garrison Armor, so the money he could earn was limited. However, Shi Feng was just selling these pieces of equipment to accumulate some funds. Only when he had the funds could he earn more money., “Buying Magic Essence, 6 Coppers a stack; Stones, 10 Coppers a stack. Also buying Hard Stones, 23 Coppers a stack,” Shi Feng shouted., After hearing Shi Feng’s words, the players on the street crowded around him, one after another., “Boss, I have 10 stacks of Stones. How many stacks do you want?”, “I have 6 stacks of Magic Essence; do you want all of them?”, “I have a stack of Hard Stones.”, After grinding in the wild for an entire day, Magic Essences and Stones had become materials that polluted the street. Normally, players would sell these materials to NPCs or save them up for practicing their own Auxiliary Jobs. However, materials such as Hard Stones were very rare. They were usually found in Level 3 areas, only being dropped by Kobolds or Little Rock Monsters., There were twenty pieces of Hard Stones in a stack, and they were worth 20 Coppers when sold to NPCs. Hard Stones were used in forging; however, it was quite luxurious to use them at this stage of the game. Guilds very rarely purchased Hard Stones, so their prices were not very high. However, they would have a great purpose once players reached Level 7. There were many special monsters in the Level 7 monster areas, and it was extremely taxing on the durability of a weapon to fight against these monsters. A weapon would break when its durability reached zero. Once a weapon was broken, the chance of successfully repairing it was only around 20%. If failed, it would turn into scrap., Meanwhile, Hard Stones could be used to make Whetstones. When used on a weapon, it could temporarily increase its damage. More importantly, it could recover a weapon’s durability by 5 to 10 points. With the Whetstone, players did not have to return to town just to repair their weapons, saving them a lot of time and also increasing their monster grinding efficiency., In Shi Feng’s previous life, Hard Stones were sold with extreme popularity. The price of Whetstones increased with even greater speed, allowing many forgers to make a hefty profit. To quickly increase their levels and gain an advantage, Shadow Guild had also been butchered by those sharks. They could only grit their teeth as they bought the Whetstones., In this life, it was Shi Feng’s turn to make a huge profit. He was going to stock up these Hard Stones in advance., After purchasing materials for over an hour, Shi Feng had a total of eighty stacks of Magic Essence and 120 stacks of Stones. As for Hard Stones, Shi Feng had only collected 12 stacks of them a very small amount., Shi Feng’s bag was quickly filled., He had no choice but to make a trip to the Bank’s warehouse to store all these items., The Bank’s warehouse had a fixed space of 500 slots. Expanding the warehouse’s space for the first time would give an additional 500 slots at the cost of 20 Coppers. The second time was 1000 slots for 50 Coppers. Afterward, every 1000 slots would cost 1 Silver Coin, and every additional thousand slots would result in a management fee of 10 Copper Coins per week., Currently, such an amount of money was nothing to Shi Feng. Immediately, Shi Feng expanded three thousand slots, and in the future, he would have to pay a processing fee of 30 Coppers every week., After storing all the materials, Shi Feng ran towards the Auction House., The Auction House linked together all the small Towns under the influence of White River City. Although there were few people who sold common materials here, there would surely still be some people who sold Hard Stones. Only, the prices they set were slightly higher., However, players would have no choice but to buy Whetstones for their weapons when they reached Level 7. So, Shi Feng wasn’t concerned about the loss of money., After arriving at the Auction House, Shi Feng discovered a very peculiar situation. There were quite a lot of logistics members of Guilds present at the Auction House. Each and every one of them were standing guard at the Auction House, and it was a wonder what they were actually waiting for., Shi Feng randomly chose a place to sit down, calling out the operating panel of the Auction House., Just when Shi Feng was searching for Hard Stones, he heard a few logistics members of Guilds complaining to each other., “How long more do we have to wait?! Why is that Garrison Armor still not showing up?! Let me buy it so I can report back!”, “You’ve only waited for three hours. I’ve already been waiting here for more than ten hours. You haven’t seen the intensity of the competition for the Garrison Armor. I’ve heard, because of this Garrison Armor, there were quite a few Guilds who were able to kill many wild Special Elites, reaping astonishing gains. There was even a Guild that managed to obtain quite a few pieces of equipment and skill books, thanks to the Garrison Armor. So, everyone is here to fight over it. Unfortunately, the remaining few pieces of Garrison Armor have all been bought.”, “Exactly! Our Guild is currently regretting it dearly. If we had known how greatly we would fall behind to those Guilds, we would have bought the Garrison Armor, even if we had to pay 7 Silver Coins for one. Now, the higher-ups have already given the order. As long as the Garrison Armor appears, we definitely must buy it!”, During the discussion held by the logistic members, Shi Feng was also surprised by the speed of the Garrison Armor achieving his desired effect., Hence, Shi Feng took out the remaining seven Garrison Armor that possessed Defensive Power. He stealthily placed them on auction, setting the base price for each piece at 8 Silver Coins; 2 Silver Coins higher than his original estimation. However, these Guilds should be able to accept such a price. As for the best Garrison Heavy Armor, Shi Feng would only sell it after a period of time has passed. He would first let these Guilds slowly digest the current Garrison Armor. , After placing the equipment on Auction, Shi Feng started searching for Hard Stones. Shi Feng wondered if there were many players who had auctioned them off.

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